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            A Developer’s Guide To SEO

            Developers don’t do SEO. They make sure sites are SEO-ready. That means developers hold the key to SEO. It’s true. If you’re a developer and you’re reading this, laugh maniacally. You’re in control. You control three things: viability, visibility, and site flexibility. This post provides guidelines for all three. Viability Generate And Store HTTP Server...


            Site Speed is (Still) Impacting Your Conversion Rate

            Updated on August 20th, 2019, to include current data and insights. It’s common knowledge that site speed impacts the user experience on your website. But how, exactly, and by how much? Does a slower website literally mean lost dollars? Absolutely. There have been multiple studies, including Portent internal research, which have concluded that site speed...

            You Can’t Separate Social Media and SEO

            Updated on August 1, 2019, to reflect current trends and data. When Ian Lurie originally wrote on this subject in 2008, he argued that “your success in social media will eventually depend on search ranking.” Over the last 10+ years, what we have actually seen is the transition to social media platforms operating as an...

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