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            The Portent Blog

            News and insight from Portent and around the world of digital marketing. From search to social, analytics to Amazon.


            Why You Need Negative Keywords for Amazon Advertising

            Amazon has continued its dominance, moving up to the third-largest advertising platform behind Google and Bing. In 2018, Amazon reported $10 billion in revenue in advertising. This puts them right behind Google and Facebook in terms of advertising dollars spent. If you are new to Amazon Advertising, it’s great to know the basics first, before...


            Be Direct: PPC Ad Copy That Drives E-commerce Revenue

            If you’re a paid search advertiser in the e-commerce space, you have one mission: drive revenue and profit. It sounds simple enough but can be hard to do in practice. You have a lot of factors outside of your control when it comes to completing this mission, such as what your competitors are bidding on...


            Practical, downloadable advice and strategies. Improve your day-to-day or your overall marketing strategy with sage advice and just a hint of skepticism from the experts.


            Need a pithy or inspiring title to start your next piece of brilliant content? Perhaps some help developing a brand voice? Or maybe just a complete on-page SEO review from a browser extension. We build free tools for the digital marketing industry because it’s fun and it’s useful.

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            RainGage? Digital Marketing Diagnostics

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            The Portent Tone of Voice Generator

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            The Portent Content Idea Generator

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            Portent’s SEO Page Review Chrome Extension

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            The SERP Preview Tool

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            Click Worth Calculator

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